Food & Wine

All of our wines, polenta and pasta are imported from Italy. We source everything we can locally Рproduce, cheeses, bread. This means that our pasta is non-GMO and of the highest quality. If you are unable to tolerate gluten, we can replace any pasta with polenta Рother than the lasagna, for obvious reasons! Our menu may change from what is posted based upon availability.

Our menu is seasonal, you can see an example here.


An evening at Cucina Ceci is a treat for the mind and palate. All worldly cares seem to melt away after stepping into its warm and welcoming environment. Aromas of all good things Italien greet your nose and tempt the tastebuds. A friendly and efficient staff is incredibly helpful in choosing which tempting dish to try. Food is served with simple elegance, each item a mouthwatering delight of carefully selected ingredients prepared to perfection. Lingering long for conversation over good coffee and a bit of sweet dessert puts the “icing on the cake.” I love all the dishes but the Squash Lasagna sends me right to the moon! Ms. Ceci and her staff do an astonishing job of creating a little bit of Italy right on Wisconsin 35. ¬†– Pam